Sveta's Story

Founded by mother and son duo Svetlana Savchitz and Alan Aguichev, our story is one of gratitude and family. In 1993, Sveta’s namesake chased the American dream, from Kharkiv, Ukraine, to the bustling streets of NYC 1993.
Today, Svetlana and Alan co-own this West Village restaurant, with fusion European cuisine at its heart. Here, passion and heritage come together, carefully curated for our guests to experience togetherness in an elegant setting that effortlessly finds seasonality in each moment and in every dish.

Sveta isn’t just any Ukrainian restaurant in NYC, consider it your home.

This isn’t a job for me – this is my life. It’s the atmosphere of family. When I cook, I feel like I’m cooking for my family. It’s where I put my soul, my love, and my heart.

Walk over to Sveta for orders or pre-orders. Alternatively, feel free to make an order online.

Sveta is praying for peace in Ukraine and an end to the war