• Throw It A Bag $25

    *Choice Of Your Spirt
    Elderflower Liqueur, "Compote"
    Monin Passion Fruit, Mini Champagne Bottle

  • Break The Bank $22

    Monkey Shoulder Whiskey, Fresh Sage
    Malum Granatum, Lime, Fizzy Water

  • Riding With D'Usse $24

    D'Usse Cognac, Lemon, Monin Peach
    Musselman's Fresh Pressed Fizzy Apple Cider

  • Holy Smoke Mezcal $24

    Mezcalum Mescal, Waka No Megumi
    Mango London Essence Soda, Lime

  • Sveta's Mystery $26

    *Your Choice Of Spirit

  • The Renaissance $25

    *Your Choice Of Spirit
    Market Mango Puree, Lime
    Muddled Strawberries, Lakewood Organic
    Lemonade, Topped With Bubbly Rose Water

  • Dove of Ukraine $22

    Grey Goose Vodka, Lime
    Giffard Fruit De La Passion Fruit, Cotton Candy

  • Pretty Woman $22

    Belvedere Vodka, DragonFruit

    Raspberry Jam, Bubbly Rose Water

  • Repotini $22

    Don Julio Reposado
    Creme De Cacao, Turkish Expresso

  • Dreaming Lychee $22

    *Choice Of Vodka or Tequila
    Market Lychee, Lemon, "Compote"
    Madhava Organic Blue Nectar

  • Pink Champagne Margarita $22

    Mijenta Tequila, Ratafia de Champagne
    Rieme Sparkling Pink Lemonade, Sugar Cane

  • Beet Kyiv Mule $22

    Belvedere Vodka, Lime, Fresh Beet Juice
    Muddled Mint, Fever Tree Ginger Beer

  • Infused Vodka $14

    *Gluten Free

  • Roulette Table $100

    Horseradish / Pomegranate

    Red Current / Lychee

    Passion Fruit / Peach / Guava / Kiwi

  • Test Tubes $50

    *5 Tubes


  • Ukrainian "Obolon" $12
  • Montauk $10


    *Watermelon Session Ale

    *Cold Day I.P.A

  • Stella Artois $10
  • Modelo $10
  • Peroni $10
  • Sveta's Sangria

    *Choice Of

    Red Or White

Our Mojitos

  • Classic
  • Strawberry
  • Mango
  • Peach Passion Fruit
  • Lychee

White Wine

  • Cantina Levorato Pinot Grigio $16 / $60

    Veneto, Italy

  • Harvest Sun Chardonnay $17 / $65

    California, U.S.A

  • Ponga Sauvignon Blanc $18 / $70

    Malborough, New Zealand

  • Paul Barn Riesling $16 / $60

    *Medium Sweet

    Rheinhessen, Germany


  • Cantina Aiden $16 / $60

    Tuscany, Italy

  • Whispering Angel $18 / $70

    Chateau, France


  • 'Ca Furlan' Cuvee Beatrice' $16 / $60

    Veneto, Italy

Customer Pricing Notice
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Our West Village Bar’s Menu

When you want to drink with style, then Sveta is your sweet spot. Forget the ordinary fare of your typical West Village bars; our signature cocktails are an event in themselves. From mulled wine to mojitos to one-of-a-kind cocktails, everything on our menu is created with a personal touch. Raise a glass and savor every sip: the best of the West Village cocktail bars can be found right here.

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